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Engineering | ASU Active Perception Group (APG) / Yezhou Yang

ASU Active Perception Group

– A New American Computing Research Group

Faculty Member:

Yezhou Yang

Xin Ye (PostDoctoral Researcher)

Doctoral Students:

Mohammad Farhadi

Varun Chandra Jammula

Zhiyuan (Jacob) Fang

Tejas Gokhale (co-advising with Dr. Chitta Baral)

Changhoon Kim

Joshua Feinglass

Sheng Cheng (co-advising with Dr. Max Yi Ren)

Blake Harrison

Master Students:

Huiliang Shao

Shibin Zheng

Aadhavan Sadasivam

Fengyu Yan

Shivakshit Patri

Undergraduate Students:

The group is open to undergraduate students who want to do projects with us.

Visiting Scholars:

Zhe Wang (visiting PhD student from Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics(BUAA), 2018-now)

Jiaying Lu

Prof. Ming Wu, visiting from Beijing University of Posts and Communications (2017-2018)

The group is open to scholars who want to do a long-term (half year +) project with us.

Arizona High School Interns (STEM outreach):

Maverick Chung, from BASIS Peoria in Peoria, Arizona

Jerry Sun, from Hamilton High School, Arizona


Xin Ye (PhD 2021 in Computer Science. Current: PostDoctoral Researcher at SCAI ASU)

Mo Izady (PhD 2019 in Neuroscience, co-advising with Dr. Mark Preul, MD from the Barrow Neurological Institute, Current: Imaging Scientist at Roche Diagnostics USA)

Somak Aditya (PhD 2018, co-advising with Dr. Chitta Baral; Current: Adobe Research)

Anshul Rai (Master with Thesis 2019; Current; Enthought)

Kausic Gunasekar (Master with Thesis 2019; Current; Bright Machines)

Rudra Saha (Master with Thesis 2018; Current: Verisk AI lab)

Shashank Tadepalli Ravishankar (Master 2018; Current: Mathworks)

Srikrishna Yasaswi Tallavajhala (Master 2018; Current: Datalogic)

Divyanshu Bandil (Master 2018; Current: Logitech)

Aman Verma (Master 2018; Current: Nvidia)

Bachelor: Brandon Dubbs, Destiny Vidaure (Berret Honor Thesis), Roman Paolo Pascua (Berret Honor Thesis)

Stephen McAleer (Bidstrup Undergraduate Fellow for Spring 2017) (Graduation Year: 2017; Current: PhD student at UC Irvine)


Close Collaborators:

Somak Aditya (PhD student in CS, co-advising with Dr. Chitta Baral)

Mo Izady (PhD student in Neuroscience, co-advising with Dr. Mark Preul, MD from the Barrow Neurological Institute)
Chengxi Ye
Yi Li

Long-term Collaborators:

Mingli Song
Cornelia Fermuller
Yiannis Aloimonos
Chitta Baral